Q - Would you tell us more about your Tokenomics distribution? Do you think it was distributed wisely?

A - Token distribution strategy is shown on Tokenomic in Whitepaper and will be implemented as such, this approach is based on the interests of both investors and players and is consistent with our long-term development perspective. You can follow Whitepaper's Tokenomic Directory

Q - How can I buy these tokens? Is it available on any exchange?

A - ABI Token is issued through Seed sale / Private Sale and Public Sale stages, we will have contracts to remember this and issue ABI Token to investors and users, ABI Token will also be swapped on decentralized exchanges (DEXs) like Pancake Swap.

Q - What is the role of tokens in the ecosystem? Where can users currently buy it, and what would be its use?

A - ABI Token will be shared in the blockchain ecosystem of ABI Galaverse, in addition, each game released on ABI Galaverse may have its own Token in the game.

You can find information about ABI Token here and GAR - Token in the First Game of the ABI Galaverse Project here

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