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Here is what we do as Game Publisher

Release the Game to the Community

Recently, the 30-70 split and Epic caused a reckoning in the game industry. While this has brought some positive outcomes, not all the “big guys” lower commission rates. So developers might still have to dread the lengthy payment procedures and be unable to sustain their game development. ABI Galaverse has a dual role in being a game developer and supporting creators to bring fun to players.

The ABI Galaverse ecosystem welcomes all game publishers and indie developers who aim to create great games or services for our users. We believe that even small developers should receive more recognition and should only focus all their efforts on creating the best game possible. Hence, the ecosystem provides way more than just a place to publish your games:

  • Low-cost publishing

  • Short payment schedules

  • Access to our extensive game community

  • Tools for better understanding of your audience and game management

  • Investment funds

  • Professional Marketing

  • Last but not least, SDK and technical support to integrate ABI token and ensure your game fits in the ecosystem.

Upon joining our ecosystem, you can get enormous support from ABI studio, a team of Onesoft - one of the leading companies in developing mobile applications in Vietnam. Our expertise and proven track record with top-ranking games in the app stores are solid foundations for helping game publishers and developers to reach wider audiences.

Investment Fund

  • ABI Galaverse's investment fund will invest in and quickly launch games that pass our due diligence process.

  • ABI Galaverse will play the role of financial support, technology and graphics support for potential projects.

  • We want to grow together and bring the GameFI market to new successes for the global gaming community

Professional Marketing

  • ABI Galaverse understands how to present a fascinating story about the Game, helping the Game to quickly reach a community of millions of people around the globe.

  • We have over ten years of expertise in the gaming industry for media and professional marketing, and several of our traditional games achieved TOP 1 position on App Store and Google Play, such as Galaxy Attack Alien Shooter, Stickman...

  • The GameFI market is a new market with a lot of excitement from the community, and we know how to capitalize on that to create well-received games.

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