NFT Farming

The increasing adoption of DeFi can revolutionalize finance and can also cause unprecedented growth and potential for blockchain games with “yield farming” and “staking”. As an emerging trend, the strength of farming lies in providing more liquidity and usefulness for an NFT. Gamers now have opportunities to earn more by showing off skills and collecting NFTs as rewards. Likewise, seasoned investors can stake their NFTs or tokens in farms and harvest the reward.

In ABI Galaverse ecosystem, NFTs holders have the following opportunities:

  • Stake their NFTs for an annual percentage yield (APY).

  • The reward for NFTs holders will be determined by the total locked value of the NFTs as well as the amount of contribution to the network.

  • NFT Farming allows owners of NFTs to receive passive income, while still owning their own NFTs.

  • Due to the scarce nature of NFTs, owners of NFTs also have the ability to increase their assets as the value of NFTs increases.

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