Staking will begin after our IDO. Therefore, within 2 weeks players who supported us will receive their items from staking in the marketplace. To participate in Staking, you must fulfill certain Stake conditions. These include the number of Tokens and configuration requirements if you want to become a Node or Masternode, or just lock Tokens to get rewards.

Users in the ABI Galaverse ecosystem can stake in two ways:

  • Staking in the Proof of Stake (PoS) consensus mechanism

Participants will stake Tokens to validate transactions and generate new blocks, rewards will be given to PoS participants in proportion to their contributions.

PoS incentivizes Stake Token users to enhance the blockchain network in exchange for rewards in the form of Tokens, letting users earn passive revenue just by holding their Tokens.

  • Staking to receive the reward

Participants use tokens to Stake back into the project's ecosystem, the longer users stake, the more rewards they will receive.

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