PvP Mode


Our system will match players with others with the same tier and power level.

Each player picks their top 3 strongest space ships.

Both players then proceed to destroy enemies as they appear.

There are 7 waves of enemies in a fixed timeframe.

Players can switch spaceships and activate spaceships' special skills.

The match is over once one player's spaceships are all destroyed.

The winner is the last one to survive or has the higher score.

The winner will receive ELO points and the loser will have ELO points deducted proportionally to their rank


We will rank players according to their ELO points. Rank placement will be updated live. The system will use ELO points and rank place to match players against each other.


Each season will run in 28 days or 4 weeks. The leaderboard is reset after every season.


Season rewards are tokens and will be distributed based on the player's rank. After each day, a small number of tokens will be awarded to players according to their rank. After each week, a larger amount of tokens will be high-rank players. After each season, tokens will be awarded for the player's final rank placement. The player needs to be signed in in order to receive the rewards.

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