NFTs achieved explosive popularity during 2021, and the fever is yet to cool due to high future values and ROI. However, NFTs can be even riskier than cryptos, especially for amateur traders as they tend to lose value over time. This is where NFT swapping comes into action. Investors opt for swap as new collections roll out every single day, aiming to grab a piece at a low floor price and resell when value increases.

NFT empowers the gaming industry with easy, seamless, free peer-to-peer trades. Gamers can now realize the value of their items and own unique items fully.

ABI Galaverse supports all technical processes to perform Swap Tokens in ABI Galaverse and at decentralized exchanges (DEX).

Tokens in Game will also be listed on the DEX market, enhancing the ability to swap with other Tokens and assuring numerous benefits for the user community.

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