Q - What do players need to get started Game in ABI Galaverse?

A - A BEP-20 wallet address, a smartphone, a PC or a laptop, and the Internet connection to download. Our game will be available in Web-base, Android, iOS and Window Install Package.

Or you may prepare some crypto to swap some tokens in case you want to get stronger to beat the evils.

Our game is free to play but if you want to earn fast and get the best ROI — you should look for NFTs.

Q - What is the difference between a traditional Game and a Game on the ABI Galaverse platform?

A - The game released on the ABI Galaverse platform is a GameFI based on Blockchain technology combined with decentralized finance (Defi).

GameFI players can earn money with items and earn cryptocurrency with peer-to-peer transactions.

Digital assets are stored on distributed ledgers or blockchain running on a blockchain network for life, regardless of the issuer.

You can see that the above is very different from traditional games, you can both entertain and earn money while playing games on the ABI Galaverse platform.

Q - I am a Game creator, how do I put my Game on the ABI Galaverse ecosystem?

A - Contact us directly:

Q - NFT and GameFi are becoming super trendy, so does ABI Galaverse platform have some barriers to entry into this marketplace?

A - There are some initial barriers, such as that the user file associated with NFT games will be different from the traditional game lovers, we have to add more value and appeal to our games.

Despite certain difficulties, we have still experienced game makers, we are overcoming these barriers and looking forward to a successful future with NFT games.

Q - What is the core value of GameFI? What customers can receive/earn from that? Advantageous competitive?

A - GameFI, like any other game, must be entertaining in order to attract players. However, gamers may also benefit from their leisure activities.

We aim to develop compelling scripted titles that don't take long to learn, as well as learning how to play complex games. In addition, there will be special titles where you will need many skills to become a winner and earn significant awards.

About Galaxy Attack Revolution:

Q - What kind of rewards are players offered in Galaxy Attack Revolution?

A - Play to earn — when you have time — turn on the game and play with campaign or PvP mode

Sleep to earn — you don’t have to be online, your ship can earn for you although you are sleeping

Battle to Earn — prepare your skills and ships — join the big tournament and win the big prize

Q - How many ships are there in Galaxy Attack Revolution in total?

A - There are 10 types of ships, each with 1 attribute comes with 5 parts, each part will have 1 type of stat graded according to Levels from F to SS.

Ship parts are designed to give different ratings and are graded from low to high.

These ships have different elements including Ice, Fire, Acid, Electro, Dark and Light. These elements cancel each other out.

Q - What is the rarest spaceship?

A - Legendary is the rarest spaceship. This is the last spaceship that was created to end the war. Including two high-intensity laser muzzles and the main gun that fires multiple salvoes at once, plus the ability to create a defensive shield, Legendary had done its mission — to end the war. Not many people know that this ship has not been used to the fullest. And that’s still a secret.

Q - How to upgrade my ship in ABI Galaxy Attack Revolution?

A - When you reach the higher level stage, you will face stronger enemies. Hence, upgrading your spaceship is highly recommended.

Throughout your gaming experience, you can earn upgrading materials like GAR Token, along with various equipment and items.

The stronger your ship is, the more valuable it will be in the auction mode.

Q - Could you update/ include some hot trends/news or big events of GAR to attract more users in the coming time?

A - You can follow our notification channels here to get the latest updates

Q - The feature is the most vital thing in building project growth, a product will not develop without good features and promotion, whatever it is good. Can you provide a list of killer features that scare your competitors over GAR?

A - GAR has enough features that one or more players need to get excited, you can search for information here

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