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Buy, sell, trade and auction your digital assets

Brandessence Market research reported an impressive growth rate of 328% for NFT transactions from the first to third quarter of 2021. Several factors drove this growth, including the entry of major brands like Microsoft, Home Depot, Tesla, Whole Foods, Starbucks.

It is said that imagination is the only limitation to NFTs' creation. The marketplace is where creators and investors can freely sell and buy collectibles that fit their interests and represent their passions. Moreover, it ensures that our players can obtain necessary items for their favorite game without any difficulty. You can trade in-game items, whatever you need to upgrade your equipment in the game on the ABI Galaverse ecosystem can be found here.

ABI Galaverse’s marketplace starts with items from staking and boxes from the game publisher. After the official launch, we will allow users to buy and sell ship items. Transactions can be made from anywhere connected to ABI Galaverse NFT Place and be done peer-to-peer using Smart Contracts. ABI Token is the default Token for trading at ABI Galaverse NFT Marketplace.

In the marketplace, users can sell, display, trade, auction, and mint their NFTs. Smart contracts will help with frictionless and secured transactions within the marketplace. NFTs exploration is made effortless with clearly categorized collections with multiple criteria to choose from the filter function. Whether you need to find top trending NFTs, latest items, top-performing pieces, status, chains, or a suitable price range, you can do all of that with ease and find the right one quickly. On the asset details page, you can find plenty of information like source, historical prices, listings, offers, activities, and how much attention a particular item is getting. We are sure that with provided data and personal analysis, you can determine suitable items and conduct optimal trading.

Moreover, rare items inaccessible in the game, nor on the market, are available for purchase, use, or hold for trading.

ABI Galaverse NFT Marketplace Highlights:

  • Simple, easy to trade with a friendly experience

  • ABI NFT Marketplace offers many features to support game users and traders

  • Connect directly to ABI Wallet (in development) and many other popular e-wallets

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