Free To Earn

Throughout the game's history, rewards for players have only been items and ranks in the game. Now, due to technological advances, entertainment and business may coexist to create new and fascinating experiences.

Free to earn is the perfect mixture between “play to earn” and “free to play”, where the barrier of entry is lowered. This is an opportunity for pro gamers to earn from entertainment and with their skills. They should no longer shy away from new games due to the risks associated with pre-investment.

The community now has the opportunity to participate in the fascinating GameFI titles on ABI Galaverse, these games are entirely free with the chance to receive great rewards corresponding to the market's interest in the titles published on ABI Galaverse. The titles are diverse and deep, and there are always numerous intriguing games to fit your preferences. Players that enter the game early, raise their account level, and use clever tactics can earn Tokens and upgrade tools, locate goods, and earn money.

Join the game in the ABI Galaverse ecosystem to earn economic profits by exchanging items in-game accounts or participating in completing tasks to receive worthy rewards. Players in ABI Galaverse games have total ownership over their digital assets, which are tracked and validated via Blockchain. Tokens and NFTs in the game can be freely traded worldwide.

Paradigm Play to Earn of games in ABI Galaverse's ecosystem is designed to provide greater enjoyment and investment fulfillment to those interested.

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